All About Interior Designer

All About Interior Designer

When meeting a new customer for the first time, your portfolio may make or break a deal, depending on how you use it to sell your own design abilities. Make sure your entire portfolio reflects your style and skills, providing potential clients with a good idea of the amount of professional interior design services you’re capable of providing.

Your portfolio should comprise not just a showcase of your very best work, but also be a group of some of your best designs and solutions from during your career. If you’re a relative newcomer to the business, your portfolio will be more restricted than that of a veteran designer. If you want to hire an interior designer visit on




Keep in mind, your portfolio is an ever-changing tool to be reinvented through the years as you take on more diverse and difficult projects. Show them off! This is your chance to demonstrate a prospective customer who you are and what you’re capable of producing for them.

As a result of the progression of technology and the web, today’s interior designer portfolios aren’t limited to the usual portfolio cases or files full of paper samples of the designer’s work. Today’s designers may amplify the effects of their portfolio by supplementing the paper samples with online photographs, digital images and even virtual tours of previous projects.

Designers can also produce a portfolio section on their small business site with updated project photographs, before and after shots as well as a few “virtual layouts” they have yet to finish for a real client.

How you choose to arrange the data in your portfolio is a personal option, with some choosing to reveal a progression of difficulty in layout work and others categorizing by layout style or even type of space. Portfolios can give a general summary of your gift or offer detailed info and detail of design components used in a certain project.

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