Finding Solace In A Machine Shop

Finding Solace In A Machine Shop

The thing about the world is that it is not fit for human survival. That is the simple truth of it. Humankind was not built to live on the outside. Despite that, living on the outside is exactly what humankind did for the majority of its existence. Still, the species eventually smarted up and settled down, living in settlements near sources of water. Now, these early settlements would eventually become the nucleus around which the great civilizations of antiquity formed. But to create these settlements, and the cities they would eventually become required the use of tools. Those tools did not come into the world by magic. A wizard did not wave their wand around and create. No, they had to be made, had to be fabricated. In the modern day, that fabrication is done in a machine shop in Houston.

There is a reason that humanity needs tools. Because the human is comparatively weak. When size is taken into account, literally every other hominid species is stronger than humanity. And yet, it is humankind that dominates the planet. Apes did not build great cities and gorillas only crossed the ocean thanks to the largesse of human intervention.

Now, a machine shop is a place where the tools that make the modern world possible are made. There are generally single rooms. In those rooms, there will be quite a number of tools.

These tools are not toys. They are not to be played with. These items are not something that should be toyed around with. They should be treated with utmost respect.

Lots of things can be made. Parts for engines and such can be fabricated within the confines of a machine shop. With the right tool, any job can get done.

Humanity has a lot of knowledge at its disposal. That knowledge on the internet, the single repository of knowledge since it first discovered how to manipulate fire. As such, the internet will have the locations and profiles of several machine shops in the areas.

Now, when people wake up in the morning, the first thing that many of them will do is to hit snooze on their alarm. Eventually, they will get up and then get ready for the day. This day will include working for at least eight hours. Now they render these eight hours of labor, five days a week because they are promised financial compensation in exchange for their time and energy. Given that machine shops are businesses, they will have their own employees and operating costs are going to need make sure that both are paid. Given all that, the cost of their services will be significantly higher than zero.

When a person orders a pizza, there are some cases where it can come free of charge if it does not come within an allotted amount of time, usually thirty minutes or so. This is not the case with tools or other products made from a machine shop. Even if the order is a little bit late, the customer is still going to be on the hook for payment.

The world was not built for comfort. People had to take what was given to them and then bend it to their will in order to take more. But that taking required equipment.

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