Important Facts About Hair Loss

Important Facts About Hair Loss

All of us know that men and women equally suffer from hair loss issues. The majority of the people are unaware of what actually is happening with their hair. Hair which we consider beautiful and shiny, are essentially dead tissues. However, they’re still capable of reacting to bad or good treatments. Therefore, mistreating them is not feasible.

Technically speaking, hair is a portion of skin and just enjoy the fingernails, additionally, it grows longer and finally separates from the skin. There are approximately 110,000 follicles onto an individual’s head and the activities which keep your hair growth take place beneath the skin, that’s the surface of the skin. Get more info about hair loss issues from



Your hair grows at a fairly steady rate of 15 mm per month, despite the fact that you might think of it as more than that when you go to get a haircut.

Typically, every person loses at least 100 hairs daily, just from their heads. In baldness, the speed increases significantly. Despite the fact that the causes of this problem may differ, but most common of all is the genetic matter.

If one of your parents suffered from precisely the exact same problem then odds are that your hair fall problem is hereditary. It’s a known fact that over 90% men lose their hair as a result of genetic involvement while 50 percent of the girls become victims of genetic hair loss.

The matter is that the triggers are also many; anxiety, hardcore diet plans, chemotherapy, alopecia, scalp infections like a fungal disease, blood pressure medications, diabetes, pregnancy, an overdose of vitamin A, contraceptives, thyroid disease – to name a few.

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