Large Group Dining Restaurants To Try Out With Your Friends

Large Group Dining Restaurants To Try Out With Your Friends

In this modern age, there are numerous ways for you to spend time out with close friends and family members without it turning into a snore fest. There are a lot of activities and establishments that cater to this activity and it will depend upon your budget allocation and preferences. For instance, some folks prefer going clubbing, others love watching films, and some like to eat outside and try new cuisines.

Going restaurant hopping has become a common hobby that most millennials enjoy, which has been made more evident with the prominence of blogs focusing on the local establishments within their area. However, this can be quite an expensive hobby, which is more apparent when you do not get discounts or sponsors like bloggers do. However, one way of reducing the amount paid for is to do this in groups instead. In line with this, the following paragraphs will list down the top large group dining New York restaurants to try out with your friends.

Old Rose is n establishment primarily located at West Village on Jane Street. What sets apart Old Rose is its simply elegance and sophistication that most bistros within the area seem to lack, seeing as most of them are decorated like clubs are. It has high ceilings and great food, making it ideal for those who are picky with the environment they are in. Their menu mainly consist of pizza, salads, and all kinds of pastas and reservations are required for weekends, since they tend to get easily booked up.

Vic is located at Central NOHO and is known for their finely prepared and served Italian cuisine. While definitely pricier compared to other options on this list, Vic prides itself with its authentic cooking and Vic has become a classy place to chill out after a long day, even though located downtown. Its interior decoration gives off a nice and nostalgic feel, perfect for catching up with old acquaintances or going on dates.

Shuka is another bistro that is operated by the same folks from Vic. For most New Yorkers, this is the ideal go to place when one is hungry and they were not able to make prior reservation plans beforehand. There are enough booths to seat many and offers very affordable Mediterranean food. Due to the wide variety of food items, many prefer visiting here when the persons accompanying them have varied palettes.

Win Son is an Asian owned business in the east side of Williamsburg that specializes in Taiwanese meals and specialties. Win Son is a perfect choice for those who are sick of eating the same American delicacies over and over again. It helps add variety and is a great alternative for those who wish to avoid oily or greasy good. Besides, their service is great too and you can expect to be served immediately upon being seated.

Yuan is another addition to this list found on the east side of the Village. From the name itself, it emphasizes on Chinese meals of the fast food variety. Particularly, with staple dim sum dishes like dumplings, fried rice, chicken soup, and more. While not particularly very fancy, their dishes taste great and for an affordable price too.

The next addition to this growing list is Oso, a Spanish themed restaurant slash bar. Oso is the Spanish term that translates to the bear and is a great place to enjoy some finely grilled steak and enchiladas to go along with your drink. They have a bar and an attending bartender too, who is more than capable of mixing up a few drinks for you and your group.

Speedy Romeo is a place that has a bar too and other amenities, including a jukebox and pool table to play with. Their main specialty is pizza pies, but they offer other dishes too like burgers, fries, and steak. This makes it a great area for casual conversation and weekend meet ups, or even group dates.

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