Brief Information On Power Supply

Brief Information On Power Supply

In our world today, the quality of the personal computer is often measured only by the speed of the processor, memory, and hard drive space and for gamers, the quality of the video card. 

There are a lot of computer power supplies available in computer stores, so finding one should not be difficult. Replacing the power supply with the new unit should also be easy. 

The hard part is choosing a ‘dc power supply’ (Also known as ‘แหล่งจ่ายไฟ dc’ in the Thai language) that needs your computer. There are various types of power supplies and each has different specifications. For your computer to work properly, it must be equipped with the right.

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There are two basic things to consider whenever you buy a new power supply for your computer – the power requirements and power supply form factor.

Power requirements

The modern power supply has a power output ranging from 200 watts to 500 watts. Before buying a new power supply, you must first know the amount of power each computer component you need. 

The power requirements can usually be found on a label component themselves. By adding these numbers, you will have a good estimate of the power output of the new power supply that you should have.

Form Factor

Standard form factor power supplies used in most PCs today is the ATX-form factor. Not all power supplies, however, use this standard. If you have an older PC, it must use the power supply in the AT-form factor.

There is also a less common form factor today as the TFX and BTX form factor. Before buying a new power supply, identify first what will fit in the form factor PC or else there would be no way for you to use it.

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