Using Code To Build The Web

Using Code To Build The Web

The Internet is about 18 years old at this point and ripe for the picking.  Anyone with web and computer skills is in high demand from employers and professions in the industry continue to grow at a stable pace.  Such is the case with website designers which are the artists and technicians that make the World Wide Web what it is.  

What is website design?

As a SEO in Edinburgh (see PPC in Edinburgh for additional information) this key fact indicates a number of things, please allow for me to clarify further.  A website designer is a professional that designs websites for the Internet.  This definition is a little vague so lets jump into it a little more.  A designer may work for a larger company or they may be in business for themselves designing sites for clients.  A designer that works for a company, also known as an in-house designer, builds and maintains a website for the company they work for.  Large companies typically have several people or even entire departments dedicated to building and maintaining a website.  A designer's job entails writing code that can be interpreted by web browsers and then displayed on a computer screen.  They deal with aspects such as what type of content to place on the site, how it looks, arrangement of images, links, videos, and all other aspects of the site's design.  They may also play a role in making sure the site passes validation, which is the process by which industry standards are incorporated into html code.  

Is web design hard to learn?

Although there are many different facets to web design and html code can look very complicated, it is actually a very easy skill to learn.  With practice individuals can learn very quickly and some vocational schools and community colleges offer 24-month programs on web design.  Learning to design websites involves learning how to write html or xhtml code along with other types of language that browsers use to display web content.  Building a website and writing in these codes can be a tedious and time-consuming process so it is not for everyone.

Website designers help make the Internet what it is through their craft.  By communicating with computers in markup code, they are able to bring images, video and content to users all over the world in a simple and easy to follow layout.  Designers can work within companies or for themselves designing sites for clients that need them.

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